Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aztek- Creation in the mist..

I've started working on the new Round lip Aztek line.. thought Id post a few images.. nothing is set in stone.. Heh.. just trying to get a feel for it.. while nothing is by any means historically accurate.. I hope they finish with a "Aztec feel" to them

And before you ask..YES their will be beveled edge and square versions eventually.

These are originals made with precast resin parts..

As you can see, the 120mm evolved with a raised level area.
The set will also come with the larger skull and some other extra bits.


  1. OH my dear Jeff.... another amazing set.... Im now 3 set behind that I need to purchase. All I need is the Hobby funds And Im down...... Look for an order within the next month.....;)

  2. This set may dwarf others in size.. just warning you :P

  3. I have been watching for more of the Aztec line to hit the store since the amazing first one you put on sale. I am really looking forward to seeing more of this line and figuring out what models to use with these bases... Maybe some Relic Knights minis when I get my KS pledge next spring or some warmachine menites.